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Our publications help inform the public about the elected officials that represent them, educate the public about major election issues, and outline the components of the Voter's Self-Defense System.

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The Voter's Self-Defense Manual (VSDM) is a starting point for direct access to information about your candidates and elected officials, and is a gift from 46,000 members of Vote Smart. It contains a sampling of Vote Smart’s online database with information on Congressional members' political courage, voting records, interest group ratings, campaign contributions, and contact information. This publication is available free of charge to all citizens. The Voter's Self Defense Manual is released every 2 years. Our most recent Voter's Self Defense Manual (available for download below) was created prior to the 2022 election.

You can receive a copy in one of the following ways:

Request a printed copy by calling: 515-989-6363

Vote Smart provides free, factual, unbiased information on
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