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Our founders joined our board only when a political opposite joined with them. So, President Ford and Carter joined together. Senators George McGovern and Barry Goldwater joined together, as did John McCain and Geraldine Ferraro. Our commitment to nonpartisanship continues today in everything we do and we are grateful this legacy distinguishes us from so many other voter education organizations.
  • Founded By

  • President Jimmy Carter

  • Congressman Bill Clinger

  • Ms. Mary Dent Crisp

  • Governor Michael Dukakis

  • Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro

  • President Gerald Ford

  • Congressman Bill Frenzel

  • Senator Barry Goldwater

  • Ms. Adelaide Kimball

  • Mr. Richard Kimball

  • Mr. Richard Kleindienst

  • Senator George McGovern

  • Senator William Proxmire

  • Congresswoman Claudine Schneider

  • Congresswoman Pat Schroeder

  • Current Board

  • Ms. Tess McEnery, Chair

  • Mr. Walker McKusick, Vice Chair

  • Ms. Sarah Kruse, Treasurer

  • Dr. Gary Jacobson, Secretary

  • Dr. Brent Steel

  • Mr. Brooks Jackson

  • Mr. Jon Trachta

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